ORTA Releases its First CSR Report, becoming the leader in sustainability in the denim industry.

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ORTA, one of the worlds largest denim manufacturers, has released its very first CSR Report to the public.

Having always been a socially and environmentally conscious company, ORTA is taking things to the next step by becoming the first of the major players in the denim manufacturing industry to issue a CSR Report.

The report shows their efforts in many fields including: energy and water consumption, chemical waste, human resources, etc. Each subsequent report will track the progress they will make from this point forward.

The CSR report can be read online or downloaded as a PDF at: www.ortaanadolu.com and www.ortablu.org

Founded in 1953, ORTA Anadolu transformed from a spinning & weaving company to a denim manufacturer in 1985. Today, ORTA produces over sixty million meters of denim in its factories. Transparency, commitment and trustworthiness are the key elements of ORTAs philosophy. Aiming to be a leading denim manufacturer promoting sustainable lifestyles and production, ORTA founded its sustainability division Orta Bluin 2010.



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