CZ-11 WEY Meets with a Great Success of China’s First-ever Sea Launch

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CASC Joins Hands with WEY to Unveil a New Epoch of Development

05/06/2019 — BAODING, China — (BUSINESS WIRE)

At 12:06 on June 5, 2019, CZ-11 Solid-fuel Space Launch Vehicle (CZ-11 WEY) sees its first sea launch on the Yellow Sea, successfully sending seven satellites into the preset orbit and ushering in a new era of CASC development. The leading Chinese luxury SUV brand WEY is the first business partner of CASC. Both parties jointly call this launch vehicle as “CZ-11 WEY”, which marks a new breakthrough in business model of CASC. In addition, the Joint Technology Innovation Center co-initiated by CASC and WEY aims to put technologies into practice in the fields of quality system and testing, autonomous driving technology, new materials application and hydrogen energy through steady progress, so that the aero technology can be readily available.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

CZ-11 Space Launch Vehicle is the first and only type of solid-fuel launch vehicles in the CZ Launch Vehicle Family. It is nearly 21 meters long and 58 tons weigh. Boasting a take-off thrust of 120 tons, it can carry up to 500 kg of payloads into the sun-synchronous orbit at a height of 500 km. This sea launch of CZ-11 WEY crystallizes the breakthroughs in a number of key technologies, such as wireless remote control at the front and rear terminals, independent intelligent security control on launcher, aiming of mobile base launching on the sea. CZ-11 Space Launch Vehicle has not only achieved China’s first-ever sea launch and low-inclination launch, but also created a new launch mode for Chinese launch vehicles into the space.

In conjunction with this sea launch, CASC and WEY steadily advance technical exchanges and cooperation in two fields. Both parties will promote integration in four fields of quality system and testing, autonomous driving technology, new materials application and hydrogen energy. They are committed to strongly empowering the independent R&D and manufacturing and creating greater market opportunities and economic value for CASC. Moreover, through technology application in the automotive industry, the aerospace technology can be readily available.

It is worth mentioning that Creative Experience Activity of “Dialogue with Parallel Universe” is jointly held by WEY and CASC. Through digital transmitter mounted on CZ-11 WEY Satellite, the voices of many consumers are transmitted to the outer space in the form of electric wave to “dialogue across the space” with another themselves in parallel universe. Compared with the international program of “Send Your Name to Mars with NASA’s next Mars Rover”, this sea launch is such a magnificent feat that retains the peoples’ voices and names in the space earlier.

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