ANXPRO Exchange To Include Aten “Black Gold” Coin In 2015

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Next Generation Digital Currency System Sets Aten Coin Apart From Its Competitors

07/02/2015 — LAS VEGAS — (BUSINESS WIRE)

For National Aten Coin’s (NAC) Aten “Black Gold” Coin, 2015 is already a spectacular year. The company’s revolutionary new coin will soon become available through ANXPRO, a globally recognized platform that enables the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies in all major fiat currencies (USD, EUR, HKD, AUD, CAD, JPY, SGD, GBP, NZD and CHF). NAC’s clients will have immediate access to ANXPRO’s simple and user friendly UI, consolidated shared order book for blended multi-currency settlement, real time FX pricing, deposit options, and risk management and trading tools.

Founder of NAC, Marcus Andrade knows that his company’s strong commitment to the development of a proprietary Anti-Money Laundering (AML) control system is the reason for its recent success. The Aten “Black Gold” Coin is 100% compliant with all regulatory agencies.

“We have taken a huge leap forward in the digital currency arena with the Aten “Black Gold” Coin,” said Andrade. “Our incredibly accurate cryptography techniques secure communications, track customer identities and keep recordkeeping efforts transparent. We are extremely pleased that the Coin’s unique value is being recognized by ANXPRO,” he said.

ANXPro To Process Aten “Black Gold” Coin

Ken Lo, CEO and Co-founder of ANX, has extensive international experience in regional compliance, risk, governance, and regulations. His company is one of the world’s best crypto-currency trading platforms. ANXPRO.COM offers a 24-hour online exchange and automated matching orders between registered members.

According to Lo, the ANXPRO platform was designed for optimum security. The company monitors physical intrusion, exhaustively background checks its staff members, uses cold storage of coins and manual processing of all withdrawal requests. ANXPRO carefully assesses security threats, like social engineering, phishing, and remote zero day exploits.

“We are looking forward to offering the Aten “Black Gold” Coin for trade on ANXPRO. The Aten “Black Gold” Coin has a built-in, anti-money laundering control system and is unlike anything in the market today, ” said Lo. “We feel that the NAC’s dedication to AML regulatory practices is similar to our values at ANX. This new crypto-currency simplifies the management of customer identities and our record-keeping requirements.”

Marcus Andrade hopes that his company will help to do away with any negative perceptions currently attached to digital-currency like Bitcoin. He said that the NAC is in the process of creating a database only for government officials and banks so they can see the transactions of its clients. Additionally, all governmental entities using the system will be verified.

“Banks are taking interest in the Aten “Black Gold” Coin, because of how we are approaching our currency’s security,” he said. “We are not in the business of anonymity. We are confident that this coin will be successful, because it will gain a high level of trust throughout the global financial and online communities,” he said.

About National Aten Coin and the Aten “Black Gold” Coin

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, National Aten Coin (NAC) is the creator of the Aten “Black Gold” Coin, a cryptocurrency (a form of electronic money) and its global payment transaction network. While maintaining privacy of customers, the NAC utilizes proprietary techniques to verify ownership of coin holders, secure and monitor transactions, trace and track identities of senders and receivers, keep recordkeeping efforts transparent, protect coins from stealing, maintain liquidity and stabilize value of the cryptocurrency. The Aten “Black Gold” Coin is complaint with the: Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT), Anti-Fraud and Financial Crimes (AFF), Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Elder Abuse Reporting Act (EARA), Bank Secrecy Act (BSA), USA PATRIOT Act and the FACT Act.

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About ANX

Founded in June 2013, ANX has grown into one of the most used Bitcoin exchange platform worldwide. According to Bitcoin charts, ANX is the 6th largest Bitcoin Exchange in the world by volume. ANX is a pioneer and leader in the crypto-currencies industry. ANX’s achievements to date include introducing the world’s first physical Bitcoin retail store, the world’s first Bitcoin Debit Card, the world’s first multi-currency online Bitcoin exchange platforms (ANXPRO.COM & ANXBTC.COM), the world’s 3rd Bitcoin ATM machine, and a full-featured ANX Vault mobile app for crypto currencies. ANX has recently acquired the Norwegian bitcoin exchange USTCOIN.COM to expand into the European market. ANX was one of the first firms specializing in crypto-currencies to be issued with a Money Services Operator (MSO) license and prides itself on its transparency and regulatory compliance. The founding partners have financial markets, management consulting, banking technology and compliance backgrounds.

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