Boly Media says its CTO has found hidden but fatal errors In Special Relativity

North America, United States

09/06/2022 — SANTA CLARA, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE)

In the process of finding the best technologies for solving the Renewable Energy issue, the CTO of Boly Media Holdings Co., Dr. Xiaoping Hu, has discovered hidden, but fatal errors in Special Relativity. Dr. Hu has studied and pondered Einstein’s Relativity Theory since high school. Two logical errors have been found in the derivation process of Lorentz Transform which is critical in Special Relativity, and two basic assumptions are also invalid, including the assumption about light speed constancy. Almost all past experimental and observational supports to Relativity Theory have also been examined and errors and deficiencies have been found in them. Dr. Hu’s findings have been scrutinized by many top scientists and Ph.D.’s, including Nobel Laureate’s groups, in Physics and Mathematics academy for more than three months, and nobody can fix the errors yet. As such, Dr. Hu is publishing a complete and rigorous proof here, wishing the whole academic community can resolve the errors, or the foundation of Modern Physics is at a serious crisis.

Critical proofs contain only 6 pages, starting from Page 35. Now that the whole modern Physics is built on Relativity Theory, Dr. Hu calls for physics and mathematics professionals in the whole world to cross-examine these errors, so that they can be properly addressed. Physics can hardly make any further progress without fixing fundamental errors in Special Relativity.

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