MapleStory Announces Double Trouble Superstars Update With the Addition of Yeti x Pink Bean World Character Creation

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New Update Boasts New Content Including Joining Spring Singles or Couples Army Along With Significant Game Client Improvements, New Missions and Event Rewards!


MapleStory, the popular free-to-play global MMORPG from Nexon, has today announced that the latest update Double Trouble Superstars is now live. The update adds offerings with Yeti and Pink Bean World character creation, which also brings boosts to the game along with special events, the Singles’ and Couples’ Army, along with major rewards to be earned! This update also brings the long-awaited 64-bit client to Nexon’s Launcher; Maplers should notice improved game client performance.

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MapleStory (Graphic: Business Wire)

MapleStory (Graphic: Business Wire)

One of the most anticipated events is coming to MapleStory; Yeti x Pink Bean World. Players can create 1 Yeti and 1 Pink Bean character in the dedicated world and get a skill that grants boosts such as 50% more EXP and 30% more damage to all monsters. These boosts are not the only rewards for participation! By diving into the various events like the Monster Punch King Event and Step Up Event, players will earn fascinating rewards like Mega Character Burninator, Growth Potions, Pink Bean/Yeti Titles, Pink Bean/Yeti themed Damage Skins, and place in the Monster Punch King Event rankings to get Maple Points rewards.

Even though players don’t have to choose between Yeti and Pink Bean, they must choose between Singles’ Army and Couples’ Army. The Armies are competing against each other to build the biggest statue, and each player will take a side to help build the statue by donating the material, Spring Energy, which can be obtained from slaying monsters or getting hearts that rain down on major town maps during Solo and Couple Time. Various in-game items such as Invincible Singles’ Army OR Loving Couples’ Army Item Set, Singles’ Army OR Couples’ Army Damage Skin, and Singles’ Army OR Couples’ Army Statue Chair will be awarded to the members of the Armies based on the completion status of the statues.

The final event will be the one players are looking for in order to expedite the growth of their characters. In addition, players can get the Hasty Hunting Box by completing daily haste missions. In addition to the various rewards in the box, simply opening a box will allow players to experience faster hunting with Haste Boosters.

Last but certainly not least, MapleStory is offering a set of special rewards for Maplers who play on GeForce NOW cloud gaming service from March 25 to April 29. As a thank you for playing on Nvidia’s cloud gaming service, level 30 Maplers logging in to MapleStory using GeForce Now will receive a specific “GeForce Now” quest that grants players a Lil Boo Pet, plus a GFN Event Box that can be opened twenty-four hours after acquiring.

This update also brings a meaningful overhaul to the game client by updating to 64-bit when launching from the Nexon Launcher. (MapleStory players on Steam can expect the 64-bit client in an upcoming release.) Double Trouble Superstars lets players experience a better MapleStory than ever before!

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