CloudLinux Inc. Launches a New Product in its Hosting Product Line — CloudLinux OS Solo

North America, United States

CloudLinux OS Solo unifies top features for single-use hosting in one product offering.

02/06/2021 — PALO ALTO, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE)

CloudLinux Inc., the team behind creating the popular CloudLinux operating system used extensively in the hosting community, announces the release of CloudLinux OS Solo. This is a new step for the hosting market, a new low-cost operating system that optimizes Linux server and application performance.

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Try a new operating system for your single user account for free and optimize your server and website performance. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Try a new operating system for your single user account for free and optimize your server and website performance. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Direct speech from CloudLinux Product team:

What was the motivation behind developing a new Operating System?

“Our starting point was clear. Based on research results, our clients overwhelmingly want the classic CloudLinux OS with VPS and VMs, which only a few users can then utilize. One main request is a robust set of CloudLinux features on one server at affordable prices. Consequently, we found hundreds of VPSs with five or fewer websites hosted by a single client, many of which use VMs for staging and production. Some clients want a stable OS with technical support that is secure and not open-sourced.”

CloudLinux OS Solo is a low-cost Linux OS for small businesses and any individual with just one hosting account which is maintained with 24/7 support. It is optimized for website and server performance, with features most needed to maintain online business stability.

What does the new CloudLinux OS Solo do? It detects server and website performance bottlenecks that can slow down customer business flow. There is also a substantial array of notifications and alerts that help users quickly detail server performance issues.

Moreover, the new OS focuses on domains’ availability and responsiveness and has a PHP Slow Site analyzer that generates daily reports for the server administrator with information about the top slow PHP-based URLs for all domains. And PHP X-Ray identifying the slow CMS plugins, which ultimately speeds up the website. The new CloudLinux OS Solo also shows detailed information about database errors caused by slow queries, fixes code that causes slow functions, and slow external calls.

More features focused on website optimization will be available soon with the CloudLinux OS Solo. For example, single-click WordPress optimization will increase productivity, and together with Smart Advice, will help to improve website performance metrics, which is so important for online businesses.

Who will use CloudLinux OS Solo? Hosting providers who provide VPS and want to increase the upsell opportunities, product portfolio expansion, and a decrease in performance complaints. Small businesses and any individual with just one hosting account who want to speed up their online business and care about SEO metrics, value a fast and optimized website from a high-performed web server. CloudLinux OS Solo is fully automated (works out of the box), has 24/7 support from trusted vendor CloudLinux, and is compatible with all popular hosting software.

About CloudLinux Inc.

As an industry leader, CloudLinux persistently keeps up with server security issues that influence Linux server device stability and availability. Based in Palo Alto, California, the heart of Silicon Valley, CloudLinux develops a strengthened Linux distribution.

CloudLinux offers live security patching for all Linux kernels and extended support options for all distros. The robust Linux product offerings increase server security and software used by enterprises, service providers, governments, and universities worldwide.

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