MapleStory’s Massive Winter Update Continues with Awake: Flicker of Light Available Today

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Level Up Faster with Tera Burning Plus Event to Reach New 5th Job Skills and Prepare for all New Level 240 Arcane River Theme Dungeon


Starting today, players can enjoy the second part of the massive MapleStory winter update, Awake: Flicker of Light in Nexon’s iconic MMORPG. Full of new content, Maplers can continue to level-up their characters faster through the Awake Tera Burning Plus Event to reach new 5th Job Skills and prepare for the new level 240 Arcane River Theme Dungeon: Sellas, Where the Stars Rest available on January 6.

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Awake: Flicker of Light Banner (Graphic: Business Wire)

The continuation of the Awake Tera Burning Plus Event takes center stage in the Awake: Flicker of Light update. Players can continue to level up new Tera Burning characters a total of 3 levels up to level 200. Players will also be able to collect items such as Nodestones and Experience Nodestones, when leveling up their Tera Burning character from level 200 to 210.

Maplers with at least 6 characters level 101 and above that have completed the 4th Job advancement can assemble their legion of characters in the Legion Arena tobattle with others in an all-new mini-game. Players who claim victory in battle will receive a Daily Victory Mission Reward once a day per world. As players accumulate 20, 50 and 100 victories, they will receive Cumulative Victory Mission Rewards for each milestone, once per world.

This update also delivers a Reboot World revamp, allowing players to create their own Zero character and explore the Mirror World alongside Alpha and Beta. Arcane River Droplet Stones and Stone Origin Droplets will also fall from monsters in the Tenebris area.

For all non-Reboot players, plenty of special fun awaits. The Star Force Enhancement Event sets players on a quest to hold on to the Sealed Star Energy for 60 minutes. Once unsealed, they’ll receive the Liberated Star Energy buff that grants a 30 percent discount to the Star Force Enhancement cost for a set amount of time.

Available on Jan. 6, 2021, Maplers can traverse the mysterious depths of the Esfera Sea with an all-new level 240 Arcane River Theme Dungeon: Sellas, Where the Stars Rest.

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