The International Porvoo Group is Meeting in Brussels: Can Legislation and Technology Ensure the Safe Handling of Electronic Identity and Personal Data in Open Data Networks?

Belgium, Europe, Finland, Iceland


The international Porvoo Group is meeting in Brussels, Belgium on 10
11 May 2012 to consider questions relating to electronic identity (eID)
and data protection. As daily life is increasingly moving online,
citizens are becoming more and more concerned about the protection of
their electronic privacy. Can legislation and technology guarantee it?

The conference’s subjects include eID and privacy, data protection,
development work in the EU and national eID development projects in the
participating countries. The host country, Belgium, is known for
progressive development of citizen-oriented e-services.

The representative of the European Commission will showcase the ongoing
development on electronic identity, authentication and signatures, and
present some questions on the protection of privacy.

The representative of the European Network and Information Security
Agency ENISA will also address the conference.

In addition, the STORK project that is underway in the EU will be
showcased at the conference. The project’s objective is for businesses,
citizens and government employees to be able to use their national eIDs
in every EU Member State. The goal is the easy use of e-services across
borders, utilising existing national systems.

Representatives of European countries, the European Commission, the USA
and Japan will attend the conference. The Porvoo Groups 17th conference
is organised by the Porvoo Group and e-Forum.

The Porvoo Group is an international cooperation network
coordinated by the Population Register Centre of Finland. The Groups
primary goal is to promote a trans-national, interoperable eID based on
PKI technology (Public Key Infrastructure) and smart cards and chip ID
cards as well as secure e-services in Europe. The majority of its
members represent their respective national authorities, but
representatives of the business community, the European Commission and
the UN have also contributed to its work. Also the USA and Japan are
closely involved.

e-Forum is a not-for-profit association that brings together
interested parties active in the fields of eGovernment, electronic
identity and data protection in Europe.

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Finnish Population Register Centre:
Ms Tuire Saaripuu,
Chair of the Porvoo Group, Head of Registration,
phone +358 50 563
-> Porvoo Group

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