Seez launches the automotive industry’s first GPT-powered chatbot for car dealerships in Europe and Middle East

Denmark, Europe, Middle East

“Unveiling Synergy: Seez AI Modules Seamlessly Layered onto a GPT-powered ChatBot”

30/08/2023 — COPENHAGEN, Denmark — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Seez, the cutting-edge automotive tech start-up, is making waves with ‘Seezar,’ an innovative GPT-powered chatbot tailored for dealerships across Europe and the Middle East. This AI-driven solution is a game-changer, revolutionizing customer interactions and operations in the automotive sector.

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(Graphic: Business Wire)

(Graphic: Business Wire)

Trained on our AI modules and a vast automotive dataset, the GPT-powered bot delivers seamless responses and task execution across diverse subjects. Starting with Customer Support, Seezar’s capabilities will soon extend to Sales and Lead Management, integrating seamlessly with dealer workflows.

Seezar integrates with our omnichannel showroom platform, SeezPad, incorporating Lead Management and CRM functionalities. This integration consolidates interactions, streamlining communication and enriching the customer journey. Dealerships leverage AI insights for targeted marketing, personalized recommendations, and enhanced customer support.

Seezar underscores Seez’s commitment to harnessing AI’s potential in the auto industry. Building on its 2017 chatbot Caesar’s success, Seez empowers dealerships with AI-driven solutions that elevate experiences and drive sales.

Tarek Kabrit, Seez’s CEO, states, “We launched an AI chatbot 6 years ago. It probably was too early – but now with the development in chatgpt, the increased level of digitisation at the dealerships and the openness of customers to complete big parts of their purchase online – we feel it all came together nicely to usher a new era in the way people search for and buy cars, and we are very glad to be playing a part in it.”

Crafted for dealerships in Europe and Middle East, Seezar overcomes traditional chatbot limitations, enhancing understanding and analytics. This innovation aligns with the industry’s digital shift and AI adoption. The solution’s initial phase excites waitlisted dealerships, gradually rolling out to the first group.

Seez’s achievements span European expansion, Danish marketplace launch, first online car sold in Nordics, and partnerships with TRYG and Santander. Recent undisclosed funding fuels MENA and Europe growth, reinforcing AI dedication and launching GPT-powered automotive excellence.

The synergy of Seez’s AI modules, with GPT-tech, positions Seezar at the forefront of innovation, enhancing omnichannel capabilities for dealers.

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