Surge of Shareholders Joins The Committee to Restore Nymox Shareholder Value, Deluge Website with Emails Expressing Dissatisfaction with NYMOX Leadership

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The Committee to Restore Nymox Shareholder Value, LLC (CRNSV), with a goal to recover shareholder value in NYMOX PHARMACEUTICAL CORP (“NYMX-F”; Company), reports an overwhelming response by current Nymox shareholders large and small to join CRNSV via a fully dedicated website

In the interest of transparency, CRNSV shares these excerpts from some of the emails received from shareholders worldwide and remains mindful of protecting the sender’s identity and contact information.

  • Chris – Your transparency is much appreciated, especially after years of little to no communication from a company that I’ve invested a lot of money in, that has left us shareholders in the dark. I’ve got calls in to a bunch of other shareholders, some who could be very influential. Let’s plan on reconnecting.
  • Hi Chris — I also cannot grasp the thought process of PA (CEO Averback) on how he possibly thinks he is going to get this to market with no money. I have 519,000 shares and a lot of money tied up in this because I believe in the product. I am in disbelief that a company can be run so poorly. I hope something can be resolved with this.
  • Mr. Riley — I was aware that all was not well at the Company but was not privy to the details. I had surmised that you might be able to raise the funding needed to get the company’s lead product to market and am sorry that you apparently suffered the same fate as the previous CFO. From the outside looking in, it seems as though the product has great merit; shameful that a bad executive can thwart that opportunity for everyone.
  • Chris, I’ve seen your postings re: Nymox. As a long-term shareholder with 150,000+ shares, I am as frustrated as yourself and the others. Thoughts on how we could collectively compel Paul to another path of action? I get the sense that the FDA filing is likely a bust at this point and that they knew from years ago that it likely would be. Thanks for driving this effort.
  • Chris — I am a 68-year-old retiree, living on a monthly SS Benefit only, and the $10,000 I invested in this company 6 years ago is now worth $1000. It’s a mere pittance to most people, but believe me, it would make my remaining years much easier if this company finally did what it said it was capable of doing all those years ago. Thank you!
  • Chris — Dr A appears in no hurry to keep shareholders updated or to get Flex approved and commercialized. Large Shareholders who have supported Nymox with cash may no longer provide cash due to their interest in the potential partner’s proposal.

All long-suffering Nymox shareholders, regardless of the size of their holdings, are invited to join the rapidly growing coalition by visiting the website and signing up for further updates. There is no obligation to join or support required and all personal contact information and identification will be confidential and protected. CRNSV will contact each shareholder to confirm participation and support for the changes called for in Nymox.

About The Committee to Restore Nymox Shareholder Value, LLC (CRNSV)
CRNSV was formed by former executives of the NYMOX PHARMACEUTICAL CORP (“NYMX-Q”) with a goal to restore shareholder value in NYMOX (the Company). With a commitment to overcome the steep decline and volatility of the stock price following the catastrophic NASDAQ Delisting Decision, CRNSV has issued rebuttal letters to all Company shareholders and continues to emphasize lack of Company leadership, inability to realize the potential for valuable and promising results through a relationship with a highly respected global healthcare and specialty pharmacy solutions company with expertise to help commercialize the Company’s Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) product, and Nymox’s lack of solution or plan for financial recovery of shareholder value. Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada with offices in London, CRNSV documents are available at


Chris Riley