Committee to Restore Nymox Shareholder Value Publishes Letters from Nymox Attorneys: Underscores Leadership Attempts to Conceal Information, Invites Shareholders to Join Coalition

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The Committee to Restore Nymox Shareholder Value, LLC (CRNSV), with a goal to recover shareholder value in NYMOX PHARMACEUTICAL CORP (“NYMX-F”; Company), today invites Nymox shareholders large and small to view the intimidating, threatening letters received by CRNSV members from Nymox attorneys at a dedicated website

Chris Riley, one of the founding members of CRNSV, states, “This style of correspondence points to the secretive, intimidating, and grossly misleading activities taken by NYMOX leadership in an effort to suppress critical information that shareholders should have access to. These published lies are a blatant attempt to divert attention from the real story — failure to commercialize the company’s product and constant self-dealing by Nymox CEO Averback.”

Riley reiterates, “The repeated calls for Averback to publish the FDA Refusal To File (RTF) letter have gone unanswered, demonstrating his reticence to expose himself to legal actions for his personal attacks, misinformation and libel. Obviously, his actions are the result of the pressure he is presently experiencing.”

The meetings in Europe referred to in these letters went exceedingly well, with four material shareholders, representing significant equity in Nymox, committed to supporting the goals of CRNSV. Shareholders also saw the partner re-present their proposed Company-saving deal and unanimously accepted it as a sound deal for Nymox to support market access and commercialization efforts.

All long-suffering Nymox shareholders, regardless of the size of their holdings, are invited to join the rapidly growing coalition by visiting the fully dedicated website, reviewing the threatening letters and signing up for further updates. There is no obligation to join or support required and all personal contact information and identification will be confidential and protected. CRNSV will contact each shareholder to confirm participation and support for the changes called for in Nymox.

“Nymox CEO Averback and the Board continue to conceal information and make grossly inaccurate claims that are libelous and have no basis in truth,” continues Riley. “Major shareholders who were presented the deal this week in Europe saw no debt component.”

CRSNV calls for an end to claims and actions that typify desperate attempts to suppress damaging information, misinform shareholders and show weak, inept management.

“Averback needs to share how he will proceed with the Nymox business for the benefit of shareholders, not to try and use egregious personal attacks to deflect attention from the real issues: funding the company, FDA RTF suppression and failure to plan commercialization of the Company’s product,” says Riley, “These are the important matters at hand and we invite all shareholders to harness our collective strength, repair the broken performance of the Nymox leadership and prevent further erosion of NYMOX.”

About The Committee to Restore Nymox Shareholder Value, LLC (CRNSV)

CRNSV was formed by former executives of the NYMOX PHARMACEUTICAL CORP (“NYMX-Q”) with a goal to restore shareholder value in NYMOX (the Company). With a commitment to overcome the steep decline and volatility of the stock price following the catastrophic NASDAQ Delisting Decision, CRNSV has issued rebuttal letters to all Company shareholders and continues to emphasize lack of Company leadership, inability to realize the potential for valuable and promising results through a relationship with a highly respected global healthcare and specialty pharmacy solutions company with expertise to help commercialize the Company’s Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) product, and Nymox’s lack of solution or plan for financial recovery of shareholder value. Headquartered in Carson City, Nevada with offices in London, CRNSV documents are available at


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