Trailstone Enters Nordic Power Market

Denmark, Europe, Finland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom

Tech-enabled risk management, asset optimization and trading services now available for renewable assets in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland

16/05/2023 — LONDON — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Trailstone Group, a global energy and technology company, announced today that it has begun offering renewable energy risk management, asset optimization and trading services across Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The company can deploy a suite of renewable energy products including route to market Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), imbalance risk management services and management of Guarantees of Origin (GoOs). Since 2013, Trailstone has provided similar services for more than 18,000 MW of renewable energy assets across the EU, UK and US, and recently began offering similar services in Japan.

An influx of new intermittent renewable power over the past five years has significantly increased complexity in Nordic power markets, and the Nordic region is projected to triple its wind and solar capacity by 2030. A number of market reforms will be implemented in 2023 and 2024 to support the continued development of renewables and more closely integrate Nord Pool with European power markets. Expected reforms include flow-based market coupling, the introduction of flexibility markets and the shift to 15-minute resolution in intraday markets. Trailstone has helped wind and solar asset owners and developers navigate similar market reforms across the globe and is well positioned to help asset owners in the Nordics minimize risk and optimize returns as Nord Pool markets evolve.

Ante Pogacic, Global Head of Power and Renewables at Trailstone said: “Nordic power markets are following a similar trend that we’ve helped clients navigate in other global markets as the world races to install more wind and solar generation. Renewable asset owners and developers selling power into Nord Pool need solutions such as our AI-enabled optimization platform to manage increasing market complexity, and we’re excited to extend our services and experience.”

For the past 30 years, hydropower has been the primary balancing tool in the Nordic power system due to its energy storage capacity and flexible generation. In the coming years, both the value of flexible hydropower and challenges for intermittent wind and solar generation will increase. In recent years with a poor hydrological balance, during which the Nordics receive lower than average precipitation, the achieved price for wind and solar production has been reduced in relation to the price of electricity. For example, analysis done by Trailstone found that in 2022, a year of lower than expected hydropower production, wind power owners in the Nordics achieved, on average, 70-75% of the market’s power price and incurred significantly increased imbalance costs.

Geir Dvergastein, Market Manager, Norway, at Nord Pool said: “With market players such as Trailstone who can intelligently optimize the amount of wind and solar power available to the grid, we’re confident that we can implement the reforms needed to support the shift toward more intermittent renewable generation while still ensuring a reliable and efficient power supply.”

Trailstone’s proprietary optimization platform uses robust weather models, data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better predict renewable energy supply and optimize returns for asset owners. Trailstone’s experienced risk management and trading teams use the platform to manage imbalances caused by weather related production risks, lowering the barriers to entry for asset developers and enabling the deployment of more wind and solar generation. At the grid level, improving the effectiveness and efficiency with which renewables are managed enables more assets to connect to the grid, lowering reserve requirements and costs, all of which provide a better environment for the end consumer.

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Trailstone is a global renewable energy trading and asset management firm that provides risk management and energy optimization to improve production and financial returns. The company offers a fully automated end-to-end renewable power management platform, backed by a successful track record in energy trading. Trailstone’s proprietary technology leverages data analytics and meteorology to offer robust modeling, forecasting and trading capabilities to its clients. Trailstone was founded in April 2013. To date, Trailstone has helped optimize more than 18,000 MWs of renewable energy assets and operates in 20 countries. Learn more at


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