YAMAHA MOTOR: Consolidated Business Results Summary — Full Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2022 —

Asia Pacific, China, Europe, Japan, North America

13/02/2023 — IWATA, Japan — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (TOKYO: 7272) announces its consolidated business results for the full 2022 fiscal year.

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Yamaha Motor Headquarters, Shizuoka, Japan (Photo: Business Wire)

Yamaha Motor Headquarters, Shizuoka, Japan (Photo: Business Wire)

Net sales were 2,248.5 billion yen (an increase of 436.0 billion yen or 24.1% compared with the previous fiscal year) and operating income was 224.9 billion yen (an increase of 42.5 billion yen or 23.3%). Ordinary income was 239.3 billion yen (an increase of 49.9 billion yen or 26.3%) and net income attributable to owners of parent was 174.4 billion yen (an increase of 18.9 billion yen or 12.1%). These figures once again reset the Company’s record for net sales and incomes, and this is also the first time Yamaha Motor has ever surpassed 2,000 billion yen in net sales and 200 billion yen in operating and ordinary income. For the full consolidated fiscal year, the U.S. dollar traded at 132 yen (a depreciation of 22 yen from the previous fiscal year) and the euro at 138 yen (a depreciation of 8 yen).

While affected by supply shortages brought on by global supply chain disruptions, net sales still rose due to high demand in developed markets for outboard motors and a recovery in demand for motorcycles in emerging markets. For operating income, there were significant increases in costs for raw materials, logistics, and more, but continued efforts to rein in costs, the effects of passing on costs materializing, and the added benefits of a weak yen led to higher profits for the year.

Forecast of Consolidated Business Results for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2023

Net Sales2,450 billion yen
(an increase of 201.5 billion yen or 9.0% from FY2022)
Operating Income230.0 billion yen
(an increase of 5.1 billion yen or 2.3% from FY2022)
Ordinary Income230.0 billion yen
(a decrease of 9.3 billion yen or 3.9% from FY2022)
Net Income Attributable to Owners of Parent160.0 billion yen
(a decrease of 14.4 billion yen or 8.3% from FY2022)

These forecast figures are based on the U.S. dollar trading at 125 yen during the fiscal year (an appreciation of 7 yen from FY2022) and the euro at 135 yen (an appreciation of 3 yen).


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