Freestyle Partners Receives Two European Patents for Use of Filtered Far UV-C Light in Handheld Devices

Europe, North America, United States

07/11/2022 — DETROIT — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Freestyle Partners, LLC, announced today that it has received a Notice of Intent to Grant for two additional patents from the European Patent Office (EPO) covering portable, handheld uses of filtered Far UV-C germicidal light to inactivate pathogens on commonly touched surfaces in seconds.

Freestyle is the first to patent technology that identifies to a user when proper distance to a surface is being maintained, ensuring pathogens are being safely inactivated for disinfecting surfaces. The EPO has recognized this advancement and is prepared to award two additional patents to Freestyle’s growing global patent portfolio.

Filtered Far UV-C is a breakthrough, disruptive technology developed by a team of researchers led by David Brenner, PhD, director of the Center for Radiological Research at Columbia University. It has been extensively tested and endorsed by leading institutions across the world. Studies published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals have shown the technology has the same efficacy against pathogens as conventional UV-C. Studies have also demonstrated that filtered Far-UV-C is scientifically proven to be safe to use in occupied space when used within the current American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) dose limits, because it does not penetrate into living skin or the eye.

While aerosolized pathogens have been a primary focus over the last several years due to COVID-19, surface pathogens are also of utmost concern, especially with the rate of hospital-acquired infections rapidly increasing and the need for more effective solutions for disinfecting commonly touched surfaces in hospitals, office buildings, schools, and during travel. “By patenting key needed functionality for portable, handheld filtered Far UV-C, Freestyle has positioned itself to be a market leader while also ensuring application of filtered Far UV-C using handheld devices will be done efficaciously and safely to disinfect commonly touched surfaces,” says Jennifer Rosen, co-founder of Freestyle Partners. “Testing continues to show filtered Far UV-C can be used in lieu of expensive, environmentally hazardous chemicals to safely inactivate any pathogen, including MRSA, E. coli, salmonella, influenza, and SARS-CoV-2, on commonly touched surfaces in seconds, at close distance.”

Freestyle also established a development and commercialization agreement with Ushio America, Inc. This paved the way for Freestyle to develop working prototypes of their handheld, battery-operated, filtered Far UV-C device that successfully applied Ushio’s existing Care222® technology. Studies have shown that Care222 technology can inactivate pathogens such as coronaviruses, influenza, E. coli, salmonella and more from commonly touched surfaces in seconds.

Freestyle’s burgeoning filtered Far UV-C light patent portfolio now includes 14 granted utility and design patents that extend to over 26 countries, including the U.S, Japan, China, South Korea and Canada, as well as countries throughout Europe. Other key exclusive functionality granted within Freestyle’s portfolio includes illuminating the surface area for targeted pathogen inactivation, with visible light as well as with filtered Far UV-C light, which testing has shown to be safe for disinfecting* human skin when properly used.

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*All references to “disinfection” are referring generally to the reduction of pathogenic bioburden and are not intended to refer to any specific definition of the term as may be used for other purposes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Columbia University has received research funding from Freestyle Partners, LLC to continue studying the safety and efficacy of Far UV-C technology.


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