GMCC & Welling Exhibit at CHILLVENTA 2022: Embracing Green Refrigerant and Boosting Heat Pump Performance with Integrated Solution

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11/10/2022 — NÜRNBERG, Germany — (BUSINESS WIRE)

GMCC and Welling, two brands of Midea Industrial Technology, exhibit at CHILLVENTA 2022, bringing a wide range of compressors, motor, pumps and integrated heat pump solutions that enables energy-saving and decarburization in household appliances.

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GMCC and Welling at CHILLVENTA 2022 (Photo: Business Wire)

GMCC and Welling at CHILLVENTA 2022 (Photo: Business Wire)

GMCC and Welling is driving the global replacement of green refrigerants

To reduce the impact on the environment, R290, a green refrigerant, has become the first choice. As a leader in the field of environmentally friendly home appliances, GMCC began in-depth research and development of R290 refrigerant as early as 2004 and has continuously strengthened technical research and product improvement. At CHILLVENTA 2022, GMCC introduces its R290 refrigerant product portfolio, including compressors specifically designed for R290 heat pump heaters, R290 variable-frequency heat pump heaters, and R290 air conditioners.

To further improve the safety of R290, GMCC has adopted the compact design of compressors, optimized the clearances between valve plates, bearings and components, and greatly reduced the amount of R290 refrigerant in compressors with low-oil technology.

Integrated solution delivers better performance in heating systems

As an important initiative for low-carbon development and energy conservation, the demand for heat pumps in the global market, including Europe, has skyrocketed in recent years. GMCC and Welling have leveraged their first-mover advantage to not only bring new products to market, but also to align them with technological developments to integrate compressors, motors, and circulators into a total heat pump solution to deliver better performance in heating systems and water heaters.

For example, the integrated solution for R290 heat pumps, developed specifically for heat pump heating systems in Northern Europe, uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant with an evaporating temperature as low as -35°C, a compression ratio of up to 17, and a maximum condensing temperature of up to 83°C, as well as EVI’s patented continuous vapor injection technology with no backflow. Optimizing motors, blower motors and circulators with innovative technologies improve performance in terms of efficiency, reliability and noise reduction, ensuring the high-quality operation of products throughout their life cycle in harsh environments.

With their characteristics of lightweight, small size, low cost, low noise, high energy efficiency and high reliability, GMCC’s various light commercial products, such as small-sized recip compressors, fixed-speed recip compressors and light R290 variable-frequency compressors have become an ideal choice for light commercial customers.


Lori Luo