Total Telecom: Empowering Carriers to Optimize Energy Efficiency

Europe, United Kingdom

21/07/2022 — LONDON — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Total Telecom reported that Huawei released green development solutions at the Huawei Win-Win Innovation Week, to help the carriers improve energy efficiency.

As the energy requirement continues to grow across all regions and industry sectors, there is an urgent need for the carriers to improve the energy efficiency of the products and solutions in their networks and make their operations more energy efficient.

“Our green development solution contains 1 indicator system and a 3-layer architecture solution. We hope to support carriers in improving network energy efficiency through the 1 + 3 systematic green development solutions,” says Dr Philip Song, Chief Marketing Officer of Carrier BG at Huawei, while delivering an address on Developing Green ICT Infrastructure with Optimal Energy Efficiency at Win-Win Conference.

Dr Song believes Huawei should improve equipment energy efficiency and renewable power generation efficiency while developing solutions, which needs to be complemented by simplifying network architecture and improving forwarding efficiency to maximize the energy efficiency of the entire network.

Huawei adopts the approach of highly integrated design to improve the energy efficiency of the main equipment. Further, it recommends using renewable energy to address the problem of a single power source. To build green sites, carriers need to move all equipment outdoors, adopt a highly integrated design, and make the most of renewable energy.

There is another dimension of operation and maintenance which should be added to network experience for higher energy efficiency. “We can maximize user migration to more energy-efficient radio access technologies, i.e. from 2G and 3G to 4G and 5G,” elaborated Dr Song. What’s more, it is also possible to regulate energy consumption through network traffic management and analytics.

In all, Huawei is playing a pioneering role in innovating and developing green solutions and strategies for the telecommunications industry. The communications industry must take a leadership position to help carriers improve energy efficiency while being able to address the growing demands on the networks.

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