A2W Pharma Ltd Announces New Pharmaceutical Facility in Malta

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06/04/2022 — MARSA, Malta — (BUSINESS WIRE)

A2W Pharma Ltd, a pharmaceutical company based in Malta, celebrates the opening of its new facility during a launch event on its premises today. The event is addressed by Hon. Miriam Dalli – Minister for Environment, Energy and Enterprise, H.E. Yu Dunhai – Ambassador of China to Malta, Peter Paul Farrugia – A2W Pharma Director, Antonio Sommei – Amino Chemicals CEO, and Kurt Farrugia – Malta Enterprise CEO, along with representatives from Malta Medicines Authority.

A2W provides full end to end processing from raw material to bottling with chemical and stability testing capabilities. The company has begun validating materials and methods, and is expecting to receive its EU-GMP certification this summer. Its long-term vision centres around the development of botanical active substances for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical product development.

“The opening of A2W Pharma is part of our strategic vision to extend the capabilities of our operations in Malta to support our partners in the development of pharmaceutical formulations,” says Antonio Sommei.

The mother company, ABA Chemicals Corp (Shenzen Stock Exchange 300261-CN:Shenzhen) has invested more than €6 million, through its API facility, Amino Chemicals Ltd, to address an immediate demand for EU-GMP certified extracts. Amino, also based in Malta, has 30 years of experience developing pharmaceutical APIs and lends its commercial and regulatory expertise.

“The discoveries related to the active substances found in the cannabis plant, and their therapeutic effects, represent a shift in the way patients suffering from various ailments can be treated. A2W’s vision is to increase access to these substances, whilst utilising 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical development to ensure adherence to the strictest of regulatory requirements,” says Tony Cai, ABA Chemicals Chairperson.

A2W’s long-term strategy centers around developing pharmaceutical products for therapeutic areas where there is a critical need to advance patient care. The medical cannabis industry, globally valued at USD 22 billion, is expected to continue its tremendous growth as more countries legalize prescription use to treat neurological and immunological conditions. Industry growth can be attributed to physician education and patient awareness regarding the benefits of medical cannabis.

“We are fortunate to have the support and expertise of ABA and Amino to help us achieve our goal of entering this new sector of pharmaceutical development, which we aim to enhance with our experience and capabilities,” says Peter Paul Farrugia.


Peter Paul Farrugia, Director A2W Pharma
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