Developing Telecoms: Huawei’s Philip Song Corrects Misconception on Green Development and Pushes Sustainable Development

Europe, United Kingdom

31/03/2022 — LONDON — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Developing Telecoms reported the view of Huawei Carrier Business Group CMO Dr Philip Song who corrected the five biggest misconceptions on green development at the Huawei Day0 event.

First, Song stressed that innovations in the ICT industry will not increase carbon emission levels but enable other sectors to “significantly” reduce their carbon footprints. In the next eight years, the ICT industry has the potential to reduce global emissions by 20%, which is 10 times the carbon emission emitted by the ICT industry itself. Song argued this will “decouple” economic growth from emission growth.

Second, in terms of reducing the emission caused throughout the whole lifecycle of network equipment, Song argued the focus should be on the use of equipment through innovative technologies.

What’s more, ICT supply chains are greener than assumed. According to a GSMA report, the proportion of energy use by ICT supply chains will be 45% renewable by 2030. Song presented a three-layer architecture strategy to tackle this larger problem, involving the use of better technology in data centres, optical cables, and migrating users to 4G and 5G networks.

Besides, Song believes the overall network energy efficiency should be managed from a holistic and long-term perspective. Huawei proposed a jointly defined unified energy indicator system to drive energy flows in tandem with information flow, which will result in energy savings for an entire network, instead of a certain part.

Last, Song conceded there will be a small sacrifice in peak rates and some other indicators for vital sustainability targets, however it is negligible. Operators can for example shut down some operations at night when data traffic is low to save power, this will admittedly lower download speeds but only marginally and still yield a good service for consumers.

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