One IBC Group Focuses on Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Corporate Service Industry

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One IBC Group Focuses on Digital Transformation and Innovation in the Corporate Service Industry

23/03/2022 — LONDON — (BUSINESS WIRE)

One IBC Group, an international corporate service provider with 12 years of experience and a global outreach, highlighted in its 2022 action plan that technology is going to be the company’s main focus of growth. Through digital transformation and innovation, One IBC Group believes not only its services and operations will drastically improve, but the whole industry will also benefit and change the way it traditionally works.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: IBC’s services can be accessed on different platforms (Photo: Business Wire)

One IBC’s services can be accessed on different platforms (Photo: Business Wire)

The quest for digital transformation

In recent years, a majority of businesses have shifted their focus on technology and innovation in order to improve operational efficiency and further connect their services to their customers. With the help of revolutionary technologies such as CRMs, mobile apps, websites, etc., businesses have now been able to simplify their operations, tailor their products and services, and adapt to the various needs of their clients.

With that being said, not every industry can embark on the digitalized trend as quickly. Corporate service is a good example. Most, if not all, corporate service providers on the market right now are still using the same technology of 20 years ago. Though the services can be processed entirely remotely, and some can even be done automatically, no significant change has been made since then, while customer demand is increasing from time to time.

For an industry that has so much potential for digital transformation, corporate service is looking for a game-changing breakthrough.

One IBC Group’s plan to innovate

Since it was founded, One IBC Group has been using technology to remotely provide corporate services around the world. To be able to grow faster and compete with big players in the industry, the company decided to focus more on technology development.

In its 2022 action plan, One IBC Group emphasizes that digital transformation and innovation will be its primary mission. The plan set out a 5-year roadmap pinpointing each goal that needed to be achieved in a set time to upgrade the system and apply new technology. It includes automating the service order process, optimizing the operation procedures, building a client portal, incorporating software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms, and constantly updating the whole system.

“It is no longer the future. The race for innovation is the new norm now,” said Jimmy Lee, CEO of One IBC Group. “With a solid technology foundation that we are having now, we believe One IBC Group can make a revolution in the corporate service industry.”

Prior to that, in 2021, One IBC Group had introduced its first mobile app. It was created with the goal of enhancing and improving client experience as well as introducing a new way to set up overseas businesses.

“This is just the beginning,” Jimmy said. “We are trying to provide more services and integrate them into our platforms as part of our ongoing development and extension, at the same time create a whole ecosystem for businesses to build their global expansion strategies.”

About One IBC Group

One IBC Group is a leading corporate service provider with global experience and delivery capabilities.

Since its beginning, One IBC Group has strived to provide global expansion strategies to entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners worldwide, with services ranging from company formation, trademark and license registration, to office and secretarial services. It has been building connections with international partners and using advanced technology to provide the best services to its clients.


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