Qstream Establishes Market Presence in Balkan Region with New FollowApp Partnership

Europe, Greece, North America, United States

27/09/2021 — BURLINGTON, Mass. — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Qstream, a global leader in microlearning technology, and FollowApp, a micro-multinational agency supporting pharmaceutical companies, today announced they have partnered to bring Qstream’s science-based approach to learning to pharmaceutical professionals. Building on a very successful presence in the Greek market, Qstream has expanded its partnership with FollowApp to cover the Balkan region, Cyprus, and Malta.

Pharmaceutical professionals are required to keep up with large amounts of job critical information, including core messaging, disease states, selling skills, market access, and compliance. Together, Qstream and FollowApp will allow pharmaceutical professionals to retain this information through assessments, based on spaced repetition and reinforcement algorithms, that seamlessly integrate into daily workflows. Such knowledge retention drives employee performance and ultimately accelerates business objectives – especially in highly regulated, knowledge intensive industries like the pharmaceutical industry.

“We’re excited to expand our partnership with FollowApp and develop it into a long term and mutually beneficial collaboration that offers value-add services to our mutual customers in new markets,” said Jason Mundy, VP Marketing, Qstream. “Our science-backed approach to learning has been proven time and time again, and we look forward to helping more professionals grow.”

Qstream tests, reinforces, identifies knowledge gaps, and demonstrates employees’ mastery of critical knowledge with its spaced education and repetition algorithms and one of a kind proficiency metrics. As a result, organizations can clearly demonstrate effectiveness and ROI of learning and training investments. Through effective training, organizations change their employees on the job behaviors and cultivate a strong workforce – giving them a competitive advantage.

“Our partnership with Qstream aims to assist more people in being successful in what they do, improve their proficiency, and contribute significantly to their organizations,” said Odysseas Raftopoulos, Co-Managing Partner, FollowApp. “Working with Qstream in the past, we have seen firsthand that its technology capabilities provide a unique competitive advantage for an organization that wants to keep its employees updated and winning in a rapidly changing environment. These innovative methods of learning and improving performance are critical to the success of the next generation of workers.”

Learn how Qstream and FollowApp will partner together in helping pharmaceutical companies thrive. Watch this video to get an overview.

About FollowApp

FollowApp is a micro-multinational agency, headquartered in Greece, that provides artificial intelligence (AI) solutions on Digital Marketing, Brand Strategy & Communication primarily to the Pharmaceutical sector while expanding to other hi-tech industries such as Telecommunications, Aviation and Education. With the use of modern technology and AI, FollowApp supports and optimizes marketing campaigns on both on- and off-line channels while with the use of Qstream platform is boosting the results of internal trainings in terms of knowledge retention and proficiency upgrading. The organization services the Balkan countries, Turkey, and the Middle East.

About Qstream

Qstream is a microlearning solution – proven by science and in practice – that boosts learner performance through knowledge reinforcement, engagement, and analytics. 600+ organizations rely on Qstream to build high-performance teams by delivering a microlearning experience that reinforces job-critical knowledge in minutes a day, exposing a real-time view of performance readiness. These scientifically proven learning methods increase knowledge retention by 170%.


Allison Webster for Qstream