Total Telecom: Mass Production of 14nm Chips in China Will be Achieved Next Year

Europe, United Kingdom

28/07/2021 — LONDON — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Total Telecom reports that after gaining competency in manufacturing 28nm chips, China is moving towards realizing mass production of 14nm chips in the coming year.

According to Dr Yungang Bao, Assistant Director at the Institute of Computing Technology, the domestic 14nm chip has overcome many technical challenges and all aspects of the domestic 14nm chip will be dramatically improved, leading to mass production.

28nm chips are cost-effective and known to consume less power while delivering high performance. Total Telecom reports that the development of the 28nm technology will help the Chinese chip industry address domestic demand, as it is already a mature technology and is used in new areas such as 5G, new energy vehicles, UHV, big data centers, artificial intelligence (AI), and the industrial Internet. This is significant considering that China is the world’s biggest consumer of semiconductors.

14nm chips are widely accepted as the most valuable process technology, as they have vast potential for AI chips, high-end processors, automobiles, the upcoming fields of 5G communications, and high-performance computing. The mass production of 14nm chips is a sign of China’s advancement in the complex chip-making process.

Dr Bao further added that domestic 14nm mass production will not only accumulate experience in higher-end chip technology in China’s tough manufacturing process but also lay a solid foundation for the self-sufficiency rate of domestic chips to reach 70% by 2025.

Total Telecom found that China is poised to play a crucial role in supporting the global industry manage the crippling chip shortage, and it is steadily closing the gap with the leaders in chip manufacturing, like the US.

China is well on its way to mass-producing 14nm chips next year and is already working on advanced process chips like 7nm, bringing down its dependence and strengthening its chip-making competencies, as well as contributing to alleviating the massive chip shortage across the globe.

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