Total Telecom: Mass Production of 14nm Chips in China Will Spur Future Growth of Its Chip Industry

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13/07/2021 — LONDON — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Total Telecom reports that China is steadily moving towards achieving its goal of mass-producing 14nm chips next year.

According to Dr Wen Xiaojun, Deputy Director, Institute of Electronics, China Electronics and Information Industry Development Research Institute, despite the technical difficulties, there is still a great hope that 14nm chips can be mass-produced next year.

The development of 14nm chips has overcome many technical problems. These achievements have enabled China to cover the entire integrated circuit industrial chain system in China. Essentially, they have reversed the passive situation, which required introducing a complete set of processing technologies.

The speedy development of 14nm chip manufacturing in China highlights the success of its ‘returning’ strategy, which essentially involves the firms leveraging the already-established technological units to meet the general chip requirements. This allows them to focus on design and packaging optimization.

Total Telecom reports that China’s recently acquired capability to produce 14nm chips is pathbreaking because this technology has the most market value today. Therefore, it can not only enable the country to become self-sufficient but also help the world address the unprecedented chip shortage.

Dr Wen reiterated the production lines of 14nm to 12nm chips are of critical importance to the semiconductor industry. 14nm technology or above can meet 70% of the needs in the current semiconductor manufacturing processes, which has a great potential in Artificial Intelligence chips, high-end processors and automobiles.

The Chinese semiconductor sector needs to continue to work hard to maintain its growth trajectory. Several new and innovative use cases are set to become mainstream, further adding to the requirement of 14nm and above chips. China must then accelerate the mass production of 14nm to take advantage of the upcoming market opportunities.

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