CCTV+:Chinese and European Media Carry Out Multilateral Cooperation to Achieve Win-Win Results

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10/12/2020 — BEIJING — (BUSINESS WIRE)

A statement on strengthening media cooperation issued by China Media Group (CMG) and its European media partners, calling on the Chinese and European media to fulfill their responsibilities as public information disseminators and jointly help the international community to gather a strong force to overcome the pandemic.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: and its European media partners issued the statement. /CCTV+ (Photo: Business Wire)

CMG and its European media partners issued the statement. /CCTV+ (Photo: Business Wire)

CMG and its European media partners issued the statement. /CCTV+

The statement was made during the “2020 European Media Partners Cooperation Online Forum” on December 10, hosted by CMG with the theme of “Mutual Trust Dialogue for Win-Win Cooperation”.

Twenty-eight delegates from 25 organizations in 16 European countries and China had in-depth discussions on how to strengthen coordination, deepen ties, unite to fight the pandemic, and bring greater confidence to the world through in-depth exchanges.

CMG’s President and Editor-in-Chief, Shen Haixiong put forward three proposals on the current media situation. He said, “First, we should deepen cooperation in reporting COVID-19 responses; Second, we should promote the exchange of personnel between the media organizations; Third, we should strengthen the construction of our cooperation mechanism.”

In his speech, he pointed out, China and Europe share a broad consensus and common interests in supporting and practicing multilateralism, strengthening the global response to COVID-19, and jointly promoting global economic recovery and addressing the issue of climate change. We share far more consensus than divergences. Chinese and European media partners will also move towards a new stage of closer, deeper, and more pragmatic dialogue, exchange and cooperation.

Michael Friedenberg, the President of Reuters, said, “We must recognize the power of partnerships in this new media ecosystem. This can take the form of collaborative journalism, industry coalitions, new commercial business opportunities, content-sharing or shared platforms.”

He also mentioned CMG and CCTV+ are important partners and our partnership continues to be a priority.

“Without a clear two-way information communication, there will never be full trust and in-depth cooperation. Therefore, in a friendly relation between different countries and peoples, the media plays a vital role,” said Paolo Panerai, the Editor-in-Chief & CEO of Class Editori S.p.A.’s.

“As global interdependence grows, I believe that media companies cannot work in silos anymore,” Michael Peters, CEO and President of Executive Board of Euronews emphasized. He believes that Euronews and CMG will continue to deepen our collaboration in fostering a better understanding between our cultures.

A launch ceremony of China Business Video (CBV) was also held between CCTV+ and Reuters. It provides Reuters’ customers with financial news content from China, which will be distributed straight by CMG to improve media cooperation between China and other media and to strengthen information exchanges.

At the forum, Teng Yunping, President of CCTV Video News Agency (CCTV+), and Adrian Wells, Managing Director of European News Exchange (ENEX) signed a Strategic Memorandum of Understanding, which signals the official launch of the “European Media Partners (EMP)”. In the future, the two sides will strengthen cooperation on news materials, news reports, overseas reporters, news products, and media forums.

At the same time, the program, BizToday, was released to provide “European Media Partners” with tailored Chinese and European financial news jointly created by CMG, CCTV+ and ENEX.

During the forum, representatives from China and Europe joined an online panel discussion with the theme “Multilateral Cooperation and Mutual Trust, Common Challenges and Win-Win Future” to discuss how the Chinese and European media promote mutual trust between people from both sides and carry out multilateral cooperation to achieve win-win results.


YU Xiao