Hagiwara Solutions to Exhibit at SPS 2019

Asia Pacific, Europe, Germany, Japan

Hagiwara Solutions Booth: 8-403 in HALL8

15/11/2019 — NAGOYA, Japan — (BUSINESS WIRE)

Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. (Elecom group) will exhibit at sps – smart production solution from the 26th to 28th of November 2019, Trade Fair Nuremberg.

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Introduction Map (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)

Introduction Map (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)

Hagiwara Solutions Co., Ltd. is with Elecom group which is offering solutions with sensing technologies, industrial computers, and SSDs. D-Clue Technologies Co., Ltd. of Elecom group which is good for sensing technologies will join us at sps.

SEVEN solutions for your own:

  1. Coolant Contamination Detection:

    How do you manage machine tool coolant for precise products?
    You can maintain the coolant correctly, using our live sensing system.
    Let us suggest you make precise products with our coolant contamination detection system.

  2. AR Goggle Devices:

    How do you browse reference documents during your tasks?
    Workers with our AR goggles don’t need to worry about it.
    The AR goggle device displays instructions inside of the goggle. Easy to browse instructions during your tasks.
    Let us suggest you make your hands free in your factories.

  3. Sound Sensing for Connector Mating:

    How do your workers recognize their mating connectors correctly?
    If they fail to mate them, it must affect your manufacturing processes. Our sound sensing system can pick up just click sounds to make their mating assured.
    Let us suggest you reduce assembling failures.

  4. umati OPC UA Server on Tiny Gateway:

    How do you arrange M2M communications?
    Old factory machines can communicate with the other machines on the different platforms, using our gateway certified with umati OPC UA which is the world industrial standard.
    Let us suggest you arrange M2M communications freely.

  5. Rugged PCs, wherever you work:

    What computer is good for your tough working environment?
    Our rugged PC, ZEROSHOCK TABLET is good for you.
    You must be satisfied with its shock resistant, water and dust resistant, and touch operation with gloves on.
    In addition, the thickness is only 13.3mm and the weight is only 795g!
    Let us suggest you work wherever you are.

  6. Maintenance Free PC Which Diagnoses Itself:

    What do you think of a predictive maintenance?
    You can see computer troubles before something happens to factory machines which Maintenance Free PC controls.
    Let us suggest you say “Unexpected troubles are GONE!”

  7. The Robustness of SSDs Under Power Fault:
    What should you do in case of power fault in your factory?
    You may lose data, your computer systems may be damaged under power fault. Our SSDs can solve it with UWF of Windows10.
    Let us suggest you protect your systems and data.

Press briefing:

A press briefing will be held by Mr. Hada, Hagiwara Solutions President as below:

Date and time: Tuesday, 26th of November, 2019; 4:00 – 5:00 PM
Place: Hagiwara Solutions Booth: 8-403 in HALL 8
Presenter: Mr. Jamie Hada, Hagiwara Solutions President
Mr. Setsuo Misaizu, D-Clue Technologies CTO

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Coolant Contamination Detection (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)
Rugged PCs, wherever you work (Photo: Hagiwara Solutions)
Introduction Map (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)
Sound Sensing for Connector Mating (Photo: Hagiwara Solutions)
The Robustness of SSDs Under Power Fault (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)
AR Goggle Devices (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)
umati OPC UA Server on Tiny Gateway (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)
Maintenance Free PC Which Diagnoses Itself (Graphic: Hagiwara Solutions)