B2Broker Announced Annual Payments for B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader Products

Cyprus, Middle East

20/05/2022 — LIMASSOL, Cyprus — (BUSINESS WIRE)

B2Broker is excited to announce that it now offers an annual payment option for the three core products: MarksMan, B2Core, and B2Trader. With the introduction of this new plan, customers will be provided with a discount and a simpler approach to planning their budget. This change will allow the company to streamline its finances and improve cash flow. The annual plan is already applicable to all three products.

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B2Broker Announced Annual Payments for B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader Products (Graphic: Business Wire)

B2Broker Announced Annual Payments for B2Core, MarksMan, and B2Trader Products (Graphic: Business Wire)


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started in the world of digital assets, MarksMan is the perfect solution. With support for spot and perpetual futures liquidity, along with easy access to liquidity pools on major crypto exchanges, MarksMan has everything you need. There’s no better time to test it out than now, with the basic package being just $5,000 per year (a $1,000 saving) and the advanced package being just $15,000 per year (a $3,000 saving). An enterprise package will be accessible shortly if you want a more powerful alternative. Aggregation, hedging, symbol mapping, synthetic instruments, risk parameters, and several other functions are available in MarksMan. So, why not go over to MarksMan right now and learn more about it? You won’t be disappointed.


B2Core is a cutting-edge business management solution that offers brokers and exchanges an easy way to manage customers, admins, and IB partners. With its new yearly payment plan, B2Core has never been more affordable. The basic package is available for just $6,000 per year, while the advanced package costs $15,000 per year. These prices represent major savings compared to previous pricing plans ($1200 savings for basic and $3000 for advanced). And if you’re looking for something bigger than the advanced plan, we are currently compiling a one-year enterprise package. Stay tuned for the announcement. Contact us today to discover how B2Core can help you expand your company.


Are you searching for a matching engine that is dependable, effective, and swift for your digital exchange? Look no further than B2Trader. The core engine is designed to match up bids and offers quickly and smoothly, so you can execute trades with confidence. Plus, the new pricing structure means big savings for you. The basic package is now just $15,000 per year, which represents savings of $3,000. And the advanced package is just $25,000, which represents savings of $5,000. An enterprise package is in the works and will be available shortly, as well. B2Trader is the most trustworthy, efficient, and powerful engine for any exchange. Why delay any longer? Begin using B2Trader right now!

In Conclusion

The B2Broker team is excited to offer an annual payment plan for its clients! They believe that this change will prove advantageous for both its customers and the firm. B2Broker tries to deliver the best that is available in the market, and it wants its products to be as attainable as possible. So take advantage of the new annual prices today!


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