Hanshow Partners With PwC as an Authorized Reseller to Expand Digitalization Beyond Retail With New Smart Office Solution

Asia Pacific, China

11/11/2021 — SHANGHAI, China — (BUSINESS WIRE)

A new solution from Hanshow is showing that digitalization technology originally developed for retail now has broad applications across a number of industries. At the 2021 China International Import Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai, Hanshow has announced a new “smart office” solution using IoT devices such as electronic shelf labels to enhance productivity, accessibility, and communications across increasingly digitalized office settings.

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The smart office solution combines hardware such as digital signage with facilities and communications management systems.

The smart office solution combines hardware such as digital signage with facilities and communications management systems.

At CIIE, Hanshow was also announced as a PwC authorized reseller, as the two companies have entered a strategic partnership to combine technologies on a smart office solution.

As the concept of shared spaces, open seating, remote working, and online management tools take hold in today’s office setting, maintaining productivity and accessibility requires a new approach that reduces the number of platforms employees need to connect.

Smart office solutions allow for physical office spaces to be connected through IoT devices into online management and collaborative tools. This allows for a more intelligent and accessible control of workspace management, seat selection, meeting room reservations and more.

“This development shows how versatile Hanshow solutions are for bringing digitalization into the physical world. We are on the cusp of seeing breakthroughs in application across a range of industries,” says Hanshow CEO Shiguo Hou.

Just as retail digitalization is turning analog stores into more efficient, profitable, sustainable, and data-driven operations, the same trends are underway in the transforming office workplace.

Hanshow has quickly become a major player in the retail technology space, initially with electronic shelf labels (ESL) which are now in use with the world’s leading retailers. As Hanshow retail solutions have expanded into a range of touchless payments, digital signage and in-store marketing, and AI monitoring, much of this is still predicated on the application of ESL as the building blocks of digitalization.

ESL and other IoT devices also have a similar role in smart office solutions with the ability to display names on reserved open seating, meeting room scheduling and agendas, display names to ease communications, or display any other information needed. These IoT devices can also be integrated directly into most major online management tool systems, such as PWC’s smart office system or Microsoft Teams.

According to PwC, offices with more open, collaborative spaces incorporating technology also help attract more young talent to companies. And these trends extend beyond just office spaces into other forms of facilities management such as hospitals or schools.

Hou continued, “Incorporating Hanshow technology into PwC’s smart office solution not only shows how easily our solutions can be integrated into existing facilities management systems, but also the power to enhance productivity through combining technology from the world’s leading companies.”

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