BCG Collaborates with Tencent Marketing Insight to Release 2020 BCG x Tencent Digital Luxury Report

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Since early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out worldwide, the luxury market has been hit hard and is expected to decline 25% to 45% compared to the previous year. The Chinese luxury market, however, which has benefitted from successful domestic control of the pandemic and has taken the lead in recovery against a depressed global market environment, is forecast to grow from 20% to 30% in the whole year of 2020. Thanks to its stunning market performance, China has become the main battleground of each major luxury brand. In was in this environment that Boston Consulting Group (BCG) joined hands with Tencent Marketing Insight (TMI) to release the 2020 BCG x Tencent Digital Luxury Report, drawing on deep insights into post COVID-19 trends in the luxury market and consumers based on BCG and TMI’s quantitative consumer research and industry experience, as well as TMI’s marketing and big data capabilities.

Crystal Hao, Managing Director & Partner of BCG said, “The luxury market in China was the first to recover from the impact of COVID-19, and is seeing an increasing rebound in local consumption and online channel adoption. The share of pure online purchases has increased to 30%, indicating a shift towards an omni-channel journey. In the post-COVID era, luxury brands need to re-consider the key characteristics of Chinese consumers, think about how to better leverage digitalization enablers to understand and cater to consumers’ needs, and develop a truly omni-channel shopping experience that takes into account both service and experience.”

Hati Lin, Deputy General Manager of Vertical Sales & Operations Department, Tencent Marketing Solution, said, “The digital wave is accelerating the transformation of the luxury industry. Tencent Marketing Solution is committed to breaking the boundaries of conventional marketing and creating a better user experience with innovative marketing and user operation across the omnichannel and full-chain; at the same time, based on its in-depth insights into the local market, Tencent will also provide strategic guidance and practical solutions that are more scientific and valuable for brand operations, helping the industry seize new opportunities and embrace the digital future.”

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