INNFOS Displays Smart Compliant Actuator Series at 2019 World Robotics Conference

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29/08/2019 — BEIJING — (BUSINESS WIRE)

INNFOS, the leading developer of smart compliant actuators (SCA) for high-performance robots, displayed its full portfolio of SCAs at World Robot Conference (WRC) 2019 held in Beijing on August 20-25. As China’s most influential robot conference, WRC gathered more than 300 experts from countries, including Russia, US, Japan, Germany, UK, Korea, Italy, Canada and Australia, to give keynote speeches and share insights. WRC attracted world robot leaders to showcase their latest products and solutions.

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Full Range of INNFOS's SCA (Photo: Business Wire)

Full Range of INNFOS’s SCA (Photo: Business Wire)

INNFOS SCAs include QDD Pro series (with harmonic reducer), QDD series (with planetary reducer), QDD Lite series (Planetary Reducer based on composite materials), and DD series (no reducer). These SCAs showcased INNFOS’s advanced technologies in integration, high precision, high performance, and flexible controlling, as well as INNFOS’s strength in the development of robot’s smart joints.

In China’s robot hardware market, INNFOS is the first to develop integrated servo product INNFOS SCA, which highly integrated with servo motor, high-precision driver, high-precision encoder and high-precision reducer. The CloudMinds XR-1, which is based on INNFOS SCA, instantly drew attention in the industry when it was launched at MWC2019. INNFOS SCA filled the technical gap in China in the high-end robot area and laid a technical foundation for the development of China’s servo technology.

During WRC, INNFOS released two new products. One is the flattened actuator QDD-NU80, which is designed for quadruped robots. The other one is QDD Lite series, which replaces some metal parts of the standard INNFOS SCA with composite materials, to greatly reduce the cost for robot developers.

Robots have come under spotlight in the science and investment community. At present, many well-known quadrupedal robots have emerged, such as Spotmini by Boston Dynamics, MIT’s Mini Cheetah, and the world’s first autonomous offshore robot ANYmal. In recent years, quadrupedal robots appeared in various international robot competitions, and many institutions and universities are working on quadrupedal robot projects. As the market for quadrupedal robots is about to rise, the demand for quadrupedal robot actuators will surge. INNFOS took the lead to launch QDD NU80, an SCA especially designed for quadrupedal robots, aiming to help accelerate the development of quadrupedal robots.

The RC-Servo is often used in low-demanding robotic toys, while the servomotor is more often used in industrial robots. Therefore, there is a gap between the low performance RC-Servos and the high-performance servo motor. Regarding this situation, INNFO launched QDD lite series, which perfectly filled this gap. Robot developers now can buy highly integrated, high-performance smart joints at much lower prices, greatly saving the R&D costs.

For a robot industry that is actively developing and will eventually prosper, QDD-NU80 and QDD Lite are worth our expectation.

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The Founders of INNFOS: CTO Cui Haotian, CEO Yan Xunge, COO Zhu Ziming (from left to right) (Photo: Business Wire)
Full Range of INNFOS’s SCA (Photo: Business Wire)